"It has been my privilege to know and work with Wilmer Avilés for over ten years in my court reporting business. During those years, Will has provided excellent service for my clients and myself when we have needed a Spanish interpreter at depositions throughout the state. Wilmer Avilés is my first choice and my first recommendation for a Spanish speaking court certified interpreter due to his accuracy and concern for clarity while maintaining all parties informed of what's happening at all times."

BPS, CVR-M, owner of Scott Reporting Service

"Mr. Avilés has assisted us as an interpreter on numerous occasions. His assistance goes well beyond simply hearing words spoken in another language and translating them into English. His knowledge of the culture and traditions of my Spanish speaking clients adds texture and context to my interaction with them. Knowledge of those elements allows me to better understand my client's concerns and provide them with better representation. Mr. Avilés has been very accommodating in meeting the demands of my and my client's work schedules and has not objected to meeting with us in the evening and weekends as has sometimes been necessary. I expect to continue to hire Mr. Avilés when the need arises for a translator."

Adrian L. Falgione, Esq.

"I work frequently with Mr. Avilés in my practice representing the Spanish-speaking population of South Carolina. I have never known him to not be timely and diligent in the language services he provides including interpretations for depositions, court and client meetings. I would not be able to represent my clients to my utmost ability without his language assistance as well as cultural consultation."
TPE, SC Attorney at HN&B

A2Z Interpreters,


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¨I am pleased to recommend the services of Wilmer Avilés and A2Z Interpreters, LLC. 
I have worked with Wilmer since 2005. A number of my clients are Hispanic, and when I am in need of an interpreter, I exclusively use Wilmer's services. Many of these clients do not have the ability to speak to me in English, nor do they have the ability to read English. The documents that we get from state and federal law enforcement agencies often run into thousands of pages. In addition, a number of these cases have involved wire taps where the parties that are communicating are communicating in Spanish. 
Some of the clients are difficult to handle, and Wilmer is very patient. Wilmer has spent many hours with me in my office and in the jails interpreting these documents for my clients and interpreting the conversations for me. He is very knowledgeable and skilled in translating between English and Spanish. I am also of the firm belief that Wilmer understands and upholds the confidentiality of all of these communications. I would recommend him without reservation.¨

​J.B. Swerling, SC Criminal Defense Attorney