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why a2z Interpreters? 

A2Z Interpreters, LLC has been servicing  language needs since 1992 through court certified and qualified language professionals who bridge the gap between frustration and understanding. Our human touch doesn't sacrifice accuracy, ethics, impartiality or confidentiality while maintaining effective business practices. We are experienced language rendering professionals based in and around beautiful SC, aiding primarily in all criminal and civil aspects of legal and medical fields. This has allowed A2Z to satisfactorily service and retain local and regional clients, established small businesses, as well as local and state governments and agencies for just over two decades. 

If we can't match your language combination or location, we'll do our best to suggest other viable options.

Needless to say, we enjoy helping you.

A2Z Interpreters,


Bridging languages since 1992

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All Criminal and Civil Court Proceedings

• Specializing in English<>Spanish. 
Insurance Claims, Medical Appointments,
   Mediations, Depositions, Civil Hearings

• Municipal, Magistrate, General Sessions,

   Grand Jury, PCRs, DUIs, DVs

• Workers' Compensation Hearings

• Family Court Proceedings

• Social Services Proceedings  

• Simple Document Translations

• Telephonic Interpretation


   HIPPA and NCIHC trained, certified   

• SCCA ID No. 11069


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